Children's House Two

Morning Group

Curriculum videos will be posted each day for your children to view.  If there are any associated works that were presented during the video.  You may download, print, and have your child complete the work during their morning at home work time.  Enjoy! 


Curriculum Work

March 23rd

Life Cycle of a chicken:  LifeCycleofaChickenMontessoriPrintablesSequencingActivity.pdf

Song:  10_Five_Little_Ducks.m4a

March 24th

Life Cycle of a Chicken 3 Part Cards:  LifeCycleofaChickenMontessori3partcards.pdf

March 25th

Picture of Birds (Use as a reference to make your own bird book):  Types_of_Birds_cards.pdf

Blank Template Bird Book:  Blank Template.pdf

March 26th

Pinecone Bird Feeder:  What you need is:  1 large pinecone, Sun butter/Peanut butter, Yarn, and bird seed.

March 27th

Spanish Printable work:  Spanish_Lifecycle.pdf

Los Pollitos Song:

April 1st

Horse 3 Part Cardshorse_3_part_cards.jpeg

Blank 3 Part Horse Cards: blank_3_part_cards.pdf

April 2nd

Five Classes of Vertebrates: 5 classes.jpeg

April 3rd

Spanish Shape Matching: objects.HEIC



April 7th

Invertebrates Classification: invertebrate_.pdf

April 8th
Vertebrates and Invertebrate Classification: vertebratevsinvertebrates.pdf

April 9th
Insect Classification: insect.pdf

April 10th
Los Oficios jobs.pdf

April 20th
Parts of an Insect partofinsect.pdf

April 21st
What Insects Eat insects_AM.pdf

April 22nd
Lifecycle of a Butterfly butterfly_lifecycle.pdf

April 23
Parts of a Butterly partsofbutterfly.jpeg
Make your own Parts of a Butterfly Booklet parts_of_butterfrly_book.pdf

April 24
Los Animales losanimales.jpeg

April 28
Parts of a Spider Puzzle: parts_of_a_spider.HEIC

April 29th
Parts of a Spider: partsofspider.jpg
Parts of a Spider Blank: blank.pdf

April 30th
Types of Spiders: typesofspiders.pdf

May 1st

Parts of a horse puzzle: caballo.jpeg

Partes de el caballo: partesdeelcaballo.pdf

Fill in the parts of a horse: blank.pdf

May 5th

Parts of a Seed: partsofasseed.pdf

Parts of a Seed Blank: blank.pdf

May 6th

Life Cycle of a Seed: lifecycleofaseed.jpg

Draw your own Life Cycle of a Seed: blank.pdf

May 7th

Seed to Plant Matching: seedplantmatching.pdf

May 8th

Los Insectos: Los_Insectos_.jpeg

May 11th

Parts of a Plant: partsofaplant.jpg

Parts of a Plant Booklet: Parts_of_a_Plant_booklet_master.docx

May 12th

Lets Go To The Market Song: 04_Let_s_Go_to_Market_Fruit_1.m4a

Eat a Whole Plant: eatawholeplant.pdf

Eat a Whole Plant (make your own): blank.pdf

May 13th

Parts of a Leaf: partsofaleaf.jpg

Parts of a Leaf Booklet: blank.pdf

Chlorophyll Rubbing: Chlorophyll_Rubbing.docx

The Farmer Song: 08_The_Farmer_Song_1.m4a

May 14th

Leaf Shapes: leafshapes.HEIC

Leaf Pressing Art: leafpressing.jpg

May 15th

Partes de un insecto: Partesdeuninsecto.pdf

May 18th

Dissecting a Flower: Disectingaflower.jpeg

May 19th

Parts of a Flower Puzzle: puzzle.jpeg

Parts of a Flower Art: flowerart.jpeg

May 20th

Parts of a Flower: partsofaflower.jpeg

Parts of a Flower Blank: blank.pdf

Flower Art: flowerart.jpeg

May 21st

Types of Flowers: differentflowers.jpeg flowers.jpeg

Flower Fork Art: forkflowerart.jpeg

May 22nd:

Life Cycle of a Butterfly: lifecycle.pdf

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Blank: butterflylifecycle.pdf