Elementary Program

Our Elementary program is offered for children ages six to eleven. The Elementary child’s developing sense of imagination leads him to question the larger world around him. The curriculum is presented in a relevant and inspiring manner. The inquiry based program encourages children to ask questions and take risks as they work under close guidance of their teacher; the ultimate goal being that each child assumes responsibility for his learning. Our reading program is phonetically based and allows emerging readers a natural transition from the work they began in the Primary program. There is a strong emphasis on writing skills as the children are required to develop their understanding of key concepts in a variety of ways. Mathematics is taught with concrete materials before moving to the abstract in order to develop the mathematical mind. Cultural studies continue to be at the heart of the program as students are introduced to botany, ecology, biology, physics and chemistry. There is a great emphasis placed on going out into the community to explore, volunteer and practice good citizenship. School hours for elementary students are 8:45am to 3:30pm. 

For more information about our Elementary Program, please review our Elementary Handbook here.

Elementary Parent Testimonials

Listen to current/former parents and their experiences with our program.  They share how their children transitioned into traditional schooling after completing our Elementary program as well as the life skills their children developed while in Montessori that helped form them into the strong, independent, caring young adults!