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Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty that our country is experiencing.  The Montessori approach, is a curriculum that consists primarily of hands on experiences using concrete materials.  Given our current situation, we are not able to have your children fully experience all of our hands on materials in the classroom at this time.  However, we are able to facilitate teaching with materials that can be created within your home as well as provide printable materials to substitute some of our concrete tools.  Our goal during this break is to provide our families with curriculum and the accompanying tools needed so that your child may continue learning/working via distance.  We have created a "distance learning" approach that is broken down into different classroom categories.  Within each tab you will be able to access lessons for your child to complete at home.  The picture to the left, is a sample daily schedule that will help structure your days and bring about a healthy work routine for your family.  We hope you enjoy what we have created for your children so that they can continue their education while at home.  

Expanding your Horizons

Below are links to a variety of in home resources that can be utilized while working from home.  The links include items such as online tools to virtual experiences.  Refer to the daily sample schedule picture above and implement the online resources during the corresponding dedicated daily time.  Enjoy!

The Montessori Parent Survival Guide:

Scholastic News:

Nat Geo Kids:

Brain Pop:  Log in:  GMSchool2020, Password:  abc123;

Studio June:

Tour museums from around the world virtually:

Virtual Field trips:*IBLLseBK7VOA6QI9WmQQSg